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Do They Know It’s Christmas?

I nearly forgot about Christmas. I just realized that it’s three days away. I’ll be working all day.

There’s nothing particularly Christmas-y in the air. In the larger department stores there is a tree. But, in my day-to-day life, there’s barely an iota of an inkling of a holiday.

I slept for 10 hours last night. Nearly 11 the night before. As I lay there this morning, not wanting to move, I told myself to get up and get the day started. Oversleeping can be a symptom of depression, and I didn’t want my physiology to subtly tell my psychology that it’s depressed.

Lots of people get the holiday blues. And, if you’re somewhere where the holidays you’ve become accustomed to aren’t celebrated, you may get them, too.

Here’s how to avoid it:

Remember, your world is not the world. Christmas decorations go up shortly after Hallowe’en, and Starbucks starts Buble-ing and Groban-ing somewhere in November. It’s what we know. It’s just how things are.

And that’s I was wrong. It’s not just how things are. It’s how things are where we are. 

And now you’re somewhere different. Get attached to the local holidays. Do some traveling.

But that’s just a dose of perspective. They are your holidays, and don’t deny yourself them. Just accept the new normal.

The expat community is great. We’re all in the same boat. There will surely be a potluck or some kind of gathering. Go. Participate. Be around people.

I’ve spent too much money this month. If I reflect on it, I think it’s just about comfort. Forgive yourself on your budget a bit and go for comfort. Make yourself cozy, buy yourself a present.

Send a message home. Watch your favourite Christmas movie with some friends. Get enough sleep. And remember to appreciate what you have right in front of you. Find the small joys in your everyday.

And maybe, just once, chuckle a big ‘Ho, ho, ho.’

Even if it’s just for yourself.

Merry Christmas! Be Well.


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