5 Must Have Apps in China

5 Apps You Must Have In China

WeChat (Weixin)

Everyone has WeChat. It’s the way everyone communicates here, and it’s actually a great messaging app. Chat with individuals or groups, text or audio message, voice or video call. It’s got you covered. You can even make and receive payments using WeChat wallet. Best of all, if you press and hold a message, you can translate it. This is a great way to pick up Chinese, and let’s you chat with people even if you don’t speak the language.



Pleco is a top-notch dictionary. Search in English or Pinyin, or you can even draw characters using the calligraphy function. It breaks down the characters, gives several meanings, and has pronunciation help as well. I just discovered that it comes loaded with flashcards, so you can study vocabulary, too.



Paying bills is easy, but you have to go somewhere. Not so with AliPay. You can load your bills into your AliPay account and pay directly from there. You need to link your bank account to it, first, but after that you’ll be making all of your payments conveniently. It’s a real life-saver, and processing time is quick.




If you don’t feel like cooking, you can get great deals from innumerable restaurants on Eleme. Eleme frequently has coupons, too, so you’ll have food delivered for cheap. Link your AliPay account to it, and you don’t need to worry about having cash in hand. Pro-tip: have a Chinese friend type in the specific instruction to deliver the food to which floor you’re on. Delivery drivers probably don’t get paid much, so they often don’t like climbing stairs.

QQ Music

qq-music-logoYou may as well enjoy no copyright laws, right? You can find nearly anything on QQ Music from all around the world, and it’s totally free. I listen to Quebec folk music, Korean hip hop, Belgian dance music and Brazilian bossa nova. You will be surprised by the obscure stuff that’s up there. My favourite feature is that it displays the lyrics (if available) in both the original language and the Chinese translation. Rock out, and use it as a study tool.



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